Terms & Conditions

1. How do I use the wand?

Please refer to the video below on how to use the Amara Wand. Need more information? Contact us at info@amaraelegance.com.au

2. Can I apply fresh tan straight after using the Amara Instant Tan Remover to remove my old tan?

Yes, absolutely! We've specifically made our formula in a way where it does not interupt the process of removing your old tan and reapplying within the same day. Use our Amara Body Wash to assist in removing all the product off your skin.

3. If my tan is super thick and I need to remove it, will it work?

Definitely. If you have a super thick layer of tan on, our Amara Instant Tan Remover works best with the Amara Mitt. Allowing for the tan remover to absorb into the skin for 10-15 minutes and working in circular motions, all the fake tan should come right off.

How to use Amara